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Startup and Freelancers / Contractors

There is so much to do to set up in business and in the early days this can seem a never ending list. We can help you through this and offer support as you need it so that your time if free to concentrate on why you made that start in the first place - creating your own beautiful business. 

HMRC have made significant improvements over recent years and we can help maintain a positive and supporting role from your favourite tax collectors. OK we don't have a choice but a great relationship is possible and the benefit of staying in control of finances, using up to date information for your business and freeing up vast amounts of time is a huge benefit to you, your business and family time.

HMRC can be a big help or a real drain on resources if things go out of shape so wecan help keep on track or get back on track and build relationships with the tax man should things be a little awry. Don't ignore those letters let us help you manage the communications , they are often scarier than they need to be and we can quickly get things up to date.